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Vodacom announces price drops for data packages

Vodacom announced in a statement that it be dropping the prices of its data packages and it will be introducing new free products to its service from the 1st of April.

This comes after the Competition Commission’s ruled for networks to drop the price of data. The inquiry started in August 2017 and came after complaints from the public over high data prices.

The company’s chief Shameel Joosub said in a statement: "The agreement struck with the Commission provides us with an opportunity to enter into a Social Contract with the regulators, our customers and the people of South Africa to bring down the cost to communicate and promote digital inclusion."

“In terms of the agreement, and following confirmation by the Tribunal, Vodacom will introduce price reductions across all its monthly bundles and provide free access to basic internet, essential services and cheaper pricing to the poorest communities.”

Here are a few things customers can look forward to:

Vodacom is dropping the price of 30-day data bundles by up to 40% from 1 April.

“Notably, 1GB of data valid for 30 days — often referred to as the ‘headline price’ — will reduce by 34% from R149 to R99 on all channels,” said Vodacom.

“Discounts will be provided on all 30-day bundles while further decreases will be effected on 1 April 2021.”

A number of free data services will be added, such as:

  • Job portals;
  • The e-School platform and other educational content;
  • Mum & Baby and other health platforms;
  • Facebook Flex;
  • Government sites like home affairs, ambulance services and government communication services;
  • School, university and tertiary education portals;
  • “Essential information such as local and international headlines”.

Vodacom will also give users two free SMSes per day provided a purchase has been made within the past month.

Written by: Gabriella Steyn.
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