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Snap launches its new video-recording sunglasses, Spectacles 3

American technology and camera company Snap, the company that created the social app Snapchat on Tuesday launched its Spectacles 3, a new addition to its video-recording sunglasses. 

The latest wearable device allows users to record with two cameras instead of one, and have a steel wire frame rather than the plastic of previous models. 

As with previous versions of the Spectacles, this latest offering doesn’t come cheap with a price tag of $380 in the US which is double the price of the previous generations.

The Spectacles 3 feature 4GB worth of storage, which Snap states can hold up to 100 videos and 1 200 photos.

It will also come with a case that doubles as a charger, with it taking 75 minutes to reach full charge.

The company added that the glasses can record up to 70 videos and users can take more than 200 photos with them.

The Spectacles 3 are currently up for pre-order in select countries and expected to ship in November.




Written by: Gabriella Steyn.

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