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Sexy socks Founder claims Woolworths stole its sock design

Sexy Socks founder Dave Hutchison took to Facebook with claims that Woolworths SA has stolen the design of his bamboo-made socks.

In a Facebook post on Monday, Hutchison said Woolworths had stolen his design and that the company doesn't support small businesses in South Africa.

“Today I walked into Woolworths and saw my socks. Only, they weren't my socks. It was just my design, altered ever so slightly, with a minor colour change,” Hutchison said in his post.

“It was one of our original, iconic, designs from the really early days, and one that was a top seller for years.” 

“I hope that South Africans will put their foot down and show that we will not tolerate this,” Hutchison said. 

“I hope that they will stand up for the little guys, stand with our entrepreneurs, stand with small business and refuse to accept such poorly disguised plagiarism.” 

However, Woolworths SA has since replied and denied that it has stolen the designs. Woolworths told Business Insider SA that they are committed to the development of small business in South Africa.

Written by: Staff Writer.

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