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Most common consumer shopping challenges and how to overcome them

The retail market is an intricate space that offers immense opportunities for business growth with regard to the supply and sale of products and services.

Large, medium and small-scale retail houses are constantly looking for ways to maximise their profits.

The focus on profitability, however, leaves room for unattended consumer shopping challenges. To find out what these challenges are, Guzzle recently conducted a consumer survey.

Most common consumer challenges and solutions in place:

Comparing prices

Comparing product prices and finding the best deals between different retailers can be a challenge to consumers.

Guzzle has made this comparison easier by collating catalogues from various retailers across the country. Guzzle captures over 20,000 products on special each week from major retailers across the country.

This allows shoppers to compare products and prices conveniently and ultimately buy at a cheaper price.

Queues and crowds

Queues are every consumer’s nightmare. Queues are usually the result of:

1. A particular product being scarce at certain retail stores

2. Consumers having disposable income during pay weeks

3. Consumers having disposable income during peak shopping times

Throughout the Covid pandemic, crowds have been discouraged because of the virus’ ability to thrive in crowded places. This makes it a challenge for consumers to shop at certain times.

Guzzle is the ultimate solution to this challenge. Through aggregated catalogues from leading retailers, shoppers don’t have to walk through retail stores and aisles with crowds searching for deals and products of interest, Guzzle enables you to do this without a physical trip to the store.

Finding specials

Shoppers have come to appreciate the value of specials especially during tough economic times with limited disposable income. The struggle highlighted by these bargain hunters is to know where and when these bargains are.

Guzzle is the ultimate platform for specials across the country. It uploads about 800 and 900 catalogues every month with a variety of product specials from leading retailers.

During pay weeks the Guzzle website features about 300 catalogues while 200 to 220 are uploaded outside pay week.

Going to the shops

Frequent trips to shopping malls for product purchase has also been identified as a challenge for consumers.

Setting your location on the Guzzle website means you will only be served catalogues based on your location, which helps with shopping planning.

 This means shoppers can know who has which specials are available in stores nearby. A small percentage of
consumers from the recently conducted survey confirmed that they depend on Guzzle to inform them about stores they didn’t know about.

Websites with poor user experience

The digital space attracts huge amounts of traffic which sometimes can slow down the speed of websites especially the ones which have not been properly developed.

The Guzzle website has been developed with easy navigation and speedy access which allows shoppers to quickly and easily access catalogues with the latest deals and specials.

It’s therefore not surprising that Guzzle enjoys great page views ranging between 20,000 and 420,000 depending on the type of day and whether it’s pay week or not.

Advertised products being out of stock

With many shoppers on the lookout for advertised specials, products are bound to run out. Guzzle has made this easier for consumers and also made sure they are the first to know. Guzzle allows you as a consumer to set up email alerts for any product specials of interest.

You will be reminded through the provided personal email address immediately when the deals are available.

Finding specific products in stores near me

Searching for products and specific suppliers is a major challenge to consumers because its time consuming and inconvenient. You can use Guzzle to search for products and specials by type and supplier.

Instead of searching through shelves, you can use Guzzle to search for products, brands, and retail stores.

Poor delivery

With increased online shopping comes the need for reliable delivery services. Unreliable delivery services have been selected as a challenge by online shoppers.

While Guzzle does not provide delivery services, Guzzle ensures that retailers who list their catalogues on Guzzle are credible and legally registered with reliable after-sales services to consumers which in most cases includes reliable delivery.

From the above it’s clear to see that consumers are looking for solutions to their shopping challenges and Guzzle is a multifaceted solution in this regard.

Guzzle allows consumers to access multiple retailer catalogues in 1 location without the need to visit multiple websites or brick and mortar stores to compare products and prices.

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