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Looking for shoes for the man in your life? why not try Bronx men

Bronx is a world-renowned brand that has taken the world by storm with its ground-breaking hand-crafted genuine leather footwear. Offering contemporary styled footwear for the modern man, each

Bronx shoe is designed for quality, reliability and affordability. Bronx Men’s hand-crafted leather shoes are made in South Africa and are meticulously created to combine function and form perfectly with their timeless design.

Each item is cut and stitched by hand, with the popular Bronx Dwight Boot taking a collective 243 360 hours to perfect.

What makes Bronx Men stand out from the crowd is that each shoe reflects a true testament to the craftsmanship of the brand by requiring 75 pairs of hands to make just one pair of Bronx that is set to last you close to a lifetime.

“When planning a new range of shoes for Bronx, I would have a look at a number of things; international clothing and footwear trends, which styles in the current range are selling well, which aren’t and most importantly, keeping the target customer in mind while ensuring the product remains true to the Bronx brand identity!” adds Gordon Gassert, Product Development Manager at Bolton Footwear.

Whether you’re in need of upgrading your formal shoe collection or just seeking comfort for your feet as you navigate your day-to-day activities, Bronx Men offers a comprehensive shoe range for any lifestyle and occasion.

Invest wisely by purchasing wardrobe staples manufactured from only the highest quality of leather and raw material from Bronx Shoes.

Bronx Shoes is owned by a dynamic role-player in the footwear manufacture and wholesale trade, Bolton Footwear. Being one of South Africa’s leading footwear companies, Bolton Footwear has an unparalleled aptitude in the manufacture of footwear, producing a wide range of locally manufactured footwear that is also complemented by a selection of well-known global licenced brands such as Grasshopper, Crocket & Jones, Barker and Bronx Women to name just a few.







Supplied by: Bolton Shoes. 

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