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Kit Kat launches a new limited-edition flavour called Birthday Cake

Kit Kat announced that it will be launching a limited-edition Birthday Cake flavor this coming April in the United States.

The new flavour will consist of the crispy wafer that is dipped in a vanilla-flavored white crème mixed with a colorful assortment of sprinkles — marking the first time the candy brand has ever used sprinkles or added any elements to the bar’s coating.

"KIT KAT as a brand is internationally recognized for its inventive flavors," said Susanne Prucha, Marketing Director, KIT KAT US, said in a statement.

"Our US KIT KAT lovers have continued to voice longing for new and imaginative flavors and that's exactly what we're giving them in 2020. We've kicked off the year with not one, but three new flavor innovations and can't wait to announce what else we have in store!"

Whether or not this new flavour will be coming to South Africa is yet to be announced.

Writen by: Gabriella Steyn.

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