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Key facts you need to know about Guzzle

South Africa’s vast and fast-growing retail sector is a healthy mixture of small, medium and large-scale business enterprises as well as consumers in different income groups and purchasing ability.

With constantly changing retail sector dynamics and consumer demands, there is one retail service provider which has managed to consistently bridge the gap between consumers and retailers. This service provider is Guzzle.

What are some of the key facts about Guzzle worth knowing? These are the Guzzle facts you need to know:

1. Guzzle was established in July 2011 by pioneering business leaders Ric Melemans and  Oliver Bryant.

Ric and Oliver's business motivation for establishing the Guzzle brand was to create a common portal where retailers would advertise their products with consumers using the same platform to search for products, make informed purchasing decisions and buy at affordable prices with convenience.

3.Guzzle is currently the only South African based (locally based team) catalogue aggregator business website that holds commercial relationships with SA retailers and brands.

4. Guzzle enables consumers to browse their favourite catalogues in one place, and compare the best deals and specials from all the major retailers in South Africa.

5. Over 700 000 users a month plan their shopping on Guzzle, browsing in excess of 11.4 million catalogue pages. These access numbers provide retailers with an unrivalled advantage to reach a broad and diverse market audience.

Simply put, using Guzzle as a retailer means reaching consumers around the country on the verge of making purchasing decisions.

6. In 2015, renowned media giant Caxton & CTP Publishers & Printers bought a stake in Guzzle.

This provides unmatched audience reach for consumers because Caxton has a nationwide network of catalogue aggregator sites and publishing sites. Retailers can therefore use Guzzle which leverages on Caxton to reach far corners of the country.

8. In a constantly changing online environment, Guzzle is continuously making changes to their website to assist retailers in maximising the catalogue reach and engagement including offering catalogue creation services.

Guzzle has over the years undergone 2 re-designs to assist retailers with online catalogue distribution, including creation.

These changes have resulted in Guzzle having the capability to create catalogues for retailers but also facilitate e-commerce integration where Guzzle maps all products captured on Guzzle to the product on the retailer website which allows consumers viewing products on Guzzle to be directed to the products on the retailer website for purchase.

The redesigns have also resulted in bringing the shopping cart into the retail catalogue which translates into high engagement with shoppers and driving purchasing appetite and decision making. Guzzle is also able to generate detailed reports for every catalogue cycle.

9. Guzzle only shows items that are presently on promotion, with a start and end date.

10. Consumers and prospective buyers can use Guzzle to search for products by type and supplier.

11. Guzzle has a newsletter mailing list with 122,000 unique subscribers which it allows retailers to take over in order to reach a broad consumer market. These subscribers enjoy the benefit of being informed on discounted products and also get informed on specific products they are interested in.

For retailers, these unique subscribers are active buyers who depend on Guzzle to decide where and when to buy. Retailers are therefore able to capture their attention and convert that interest into sales and profit margins.

12. Guzzle allows users to set alerts for any future specials of interest. This means consumers don’t need to worry about forgetting to check on deals. A reminder is sent through the provided email address when and if deals are available.

13. With Guzzle, consumers have a reliable source of information regarding prices and product availability, this implies that you can plan your shopping in the comfort of your home and reference products and deals with ease.

14. Guzzle is available on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The above in a nutshell presents what Guzzle is all about. Retailers can continue depending on this available resource to reach their targeted consumer market while consumers can count on Guzzle to make cost-effective and informed purchasing decisions.

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