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Guzzle through the years crowned with achievements

Guzzle has become a leading business enterprise and earned a reputation as a service provider that caters for the needs of the retail sector and consumers alike.

Established in July 2011 by business luminaries Ric Mealumans and Oliver Bryant from very humble beginnings, Guzzle today proudly stands as the only South African based (locally based team) catalogue aggregator business website which holds commercial relationships with SA retailers and brands.

Guzzle’s progression and growth over the years has been punctuated by tremendous innovative product and business development milestones which has seen the business not only expand its revenue base but also cater for emerging needs and trends in the retail sector.

The JD Group and Clicks Group were part of Guzzle's initial major clients between 2012-2013 with Guzzle experiencing a new lease of commercial life and revenue when Guzzle switched from product listings (only) to interactive catalogues + product listings around the same period of time.

Guzzle made a bold decision to reinvest a significant amount of money into further developments as a start-up. This reinvestment resulted in Guzzle attracting 7 million site visitors in 2015 and serving over 100 million pages to these visitors.

In 2015, renowned media giant Caxton & CTP Publishers & Printers bought a stake in Guzzle. Using its media sales division Spark Media as a partnership arm of this business deal, Spark Media was entrusted with the responsibility of Guzzle media sales.

This ground-breaking business development led to the development of RAN “Retail Advertising Network” which allowed Spark Media to leverage on Caxton’s vast audience reach to distribute digital catalogues through its nationwide aggregator sites and publishing sites.

Due to its visionary strategic planning and investment, Guzzle has over the years undergone 2 website re-designs and added a host of services to assist retailers with online catalogue distribution, including creation.

Guzzle is now the home of hard copy and digital catalogues from diverse retailers in South Africa, displaying only catalogue promotions.

Apart from the catalogues, Guzzle also hosts Retail Talk.

Retail Talk is a content platform established to cater for articles and relevant retail content touching on product launches, retail trends, product developments, regulatory developments, retail insights and tips, etc.

Guzzle is definitely an important platform for small, medium and large-scale business enterprises to create and publish product catalogues in digital and print which results in over 700 000 monthly users totalling more than 11.4 million page views.

From the highlights above, it’s clear to see that Guzzles commercial journey over the years has been a tremendous success and the retail sector can count on Guzzle for more retail innovation and development.


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