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Get your prescription sunglasses at Specsavers and you can get one free

Multinational optical retail chain Specsavers announced that it will be offering its customers buy 1 get 1 free promotion on its prescription sunglasses. 

To qualify, purchase an eye test and your first pair of prescription frames with prescription lenses from Spec-Savers.

Customers will then qualify for a pair of free prescription sunglasses up to the value of R3000 that comprises of:

• 1x Sunglass frame (Up to the value of R1799/Blue sticker)
• Prescription lenses consisting of:
a. 2x Single Vision (SV) Lenses (R568)- Additional charges may occur for sunglasses with extra-large or specialised lenses.
b. 2x Tinted Lenses (R273)
c. 2x Hard Coating (R360)

Here are the terms and conditions:

1. Offer excludes Grey and Brown colour coded frames.

2. There is a FREE optical 2nd pair option that is up to the value of R2700 instead of a FREE sunglasses 2nd pair up to the value of R3000.

3. The FREE 2nd pair frame value will be linked to the same frame value as your first pair chosen (like for like), however, will be limited up to the value of R1799 (sunglass frame) or R1499 (optical frame).

4. As the BUY 1 GET 1 choice is like for like, should a customer choose their 2nd frame at a higher price point than their first frame, they will need to pay the difference.

5. Should a customer choose a 2nd pair over the price cap of R1799 (sunglasses) or R1499 (optical frame), they will need to pay in the difference. Should the 2nd pair frame choice be below the price caps of R1799 and R1499, the customer will forfeit the difference.

6. Any additional add-ons to the above sunglasses (up to R3000) or optical offers (up to R2700) will result in customer to pay the difference.

This offer is valid until the 31st of March 2020.


Written by: Staff Writer.

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