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Game’s new website now also includes liquor and Pickup

With Massmart’s eCommerce gross merchandise value sales increasing by 56% in 2021, Game last month launched a refreshed website equipped with new features, functionalities, and product categories – providing shoppers with an improved experience.

This is an exciting step for the retailer, supported by an investment from Massmart and a dedicated support team in Walmart’s global tech hub in Bangalore, India.

While its original website offered basic eCommerce functionality, the new site offers an improved experience featuring advanced sourcing logic, order tracking, online returns, a brand new pickup option for customers and categories that were previously unavailable online – such as liquor and clothing.

“Our research shows that our consumers enjoy shopping safely and conveniently online, especially from their mobile phones. Aside from a refreshed look and feel, the mobile-friendly website the website also offers improved search and navigation functionalities for our customers– ensuring they are served with a convenient and easy experience when shopping with Game,”
explains Andrew Stein, Vice President, Game.

“This is a significant step in the transformation of our business through our turnaround strategy and is evidence of the investment that Walmart and Massmart are making in Game.

In line with the improved experience, intelligent system logic will now allow geo-location of products for faster and more efficient deliveries and near real-time stock availability updates. In April the retailer reported a more than 100% growth in online sales month-to-date when compared to April 2021 – directly demonstrating the relevance of this new website, as South African consumers continue to shop online.

The retailer will also be offering a Pickup feature in select stores – powered by the new website – where customers can order online and collect in-store.

Currently, this is available in 20 conveniently located stores throughout the country, with additional stores rolling out throughout the year.

“This is a feature we are particularly excited about, as our consumers have shown interest in this for some time,” explains Stein.

“The website will continue to evolve, with new features being added each month, as we continue our drive to remain relevant, transform our business and grow with our consumers. Our aim is to provide a more convenient, streamlined shopping experience for all our customers,” said Stein.

Supplied by: Game.

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