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FNB launches new features to its banking app

First National Bank announced that it has launched new additional features to its cellphone banking app. 

The new features will allow customers to track their spending activities, view available funds and their FNB credit status.

The expansion of FNB’s nav» Money solution will help customers bring their money to life and improve their financial fitness.

The nav» solutions were first launched on the FNB App and include nav» Money, nav» Home, nav» Car, and nav» Wellness; all intended to help customers manage a range of needs.

"Research that we’ve conducted shows that tracking spending with the view of spending less or finding ways to ‘waste’ less money is one of the top financial goals for 2 in 3 of clients across all income groups.  This is even more important for lower-income clients and why the nav»  Money functionality on cellphone banking is so important to help clients stay on top of their spending," said Jolandé Duvenage, nav» Chief Executive.


Here are some of the new features:

1. Track my spend 

This feature lets consumers know how much they are spending and should assist them with managing their cash flow better.


2. My available funds 

Lets consumers know how much money will be left after all known upcoming payments like debit orders, before they reach the end of the month.

All scheduled payments, scheduled transfers and debit orders are taken into consideration and if you are experiencing a shortfall, nav» Money shows you what other funds are available to access, like eBucks, savings, and credit – all in one useful place.

3. My credit status 
This feature means that FNB will assess various data sources, including internal information and credit bureau information, to rate a customer’s credit fitness across seven helpful drivers of behaviour.
This will help customers know when they are doing right, and where they could improve on late payments, credit limit usage, their proven track record and more.

Written by: Gabriella Steyn.

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