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Dryvar Foods, a new food delivery service launches in SA

A Durban-based startup Dryvar Foods announced that it has officially launched its cloud-based delivery application in the country.

Initially launched in KwaZulu-Natal, the company plans to expand to additional provinces in the coming months.

The company states that it aims to "power all local restaurants, grocery stores and on-the-go food outlets using customised artificial intelligence and route tracking capability".

Its food delivery app is powered by Amazon’s artificial intelligence and marketing machine learning software, which Dryvar Foods has customised to its service offering.

“We are a unique homegrown, on-demand delivery solution that is disrupting the traditional food delivery space. We do things differently by creating impact whilst ensuring total customer satisfaction. We are pleased to be supported by tech giant Amazon, as well as key local players bringing a fresh and innovative touch which will be welcomed by users,” said Priven Reddy, CEO of Dryvar Foods.

The company also has its own delivery motorbikes and scooters come equipped with heat-retaining bins, tamper-proof delivery bags and drivers are provided with illuminated uniforms.

“We have thought through the entire experience and found novel and innovative ways to provide a better experience. The illuminated driver uniforms make the brand easily identifiable. We have also incorporated facial recognition as well as route monitoring capabilities to ensure safety and track the driver’s path,” adds Reddy.

Dryvar Foods has also launched QR-based food ordering for restaurants. Reddy explains that the QR scanner, which is built into the app, provides a contactless benefit during the Covid-19 pandemic. Subscribed restaurants are able to display the QR Codes on their shop window or tables, allowing the customer to scan and order using their mobile devices instead of the restaurant menu.


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