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Coronavirus: Telkom unveils preventive measures for staff and how it plans to keep connectivity

Since Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak as a national disaster over the weekend, many companies and retail stores have been taking preventative measure to keep staff and clients safe. 

Telkom announced that it will be taking the following steps: 

  • Limit non-essential travel, physical contact, and gatherings
  • Screening at Telkom premises
  • Testing for Telkom employees
  • Early salary payments to enable preparedness for possible lockdown
  • Telkom has Zero-rating of educational URLs to support learning and teaching
  • Zero-rating of the NCID and SA Government websites to drive accurate information for infection control.

“As we implement ways to ensure social distancing in our environments, Telkom’s frontline operations remain stable. Call centres, data centres, fibre installations are being supported to protect the resilience of our network, provide connectivity to our customers and South Africa,” the company said in a press statement. 

Telkom said that it will ensure that it will continue to deliver the same level of connectivity to homes, businesses and public institutions, prior to the national disaster announcement.

“Our significant investment in modernising the network including fibre backhaul gives us comfort in the resilience of our network to support the increases in broadband that we anticipate during this time,” said Sipho Maseko, Group CEO of Telkom.

“We have good quality monitoring tools that enable efficient network monitoring and management and can, therefore, continue to deliver quality service as the traffic increases."

Written by: Gabriella Steyn.

Guzzle Media 


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