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Coca-Cola launches coffee-infused Cola in SA

Coca-Cola announced that it will launch a new coffee infused cola drink called Coca-Cola Plus Coffee in SA. 

The company stated that the new drink is infused with real 100% Brazilian coffee bean powder to give customers a refreshing upliftment.

 Stephan Czypionka, Coca-Cola Southern & East African Business Unit Marketing Director said in a statement: "We are constantly listening to consumers. We are proud to bring Coca-Cola Plus Coffee to SA and offer South Africans more of the drinks they want."

“The result still has Coca-Cola’s well-known taste with a mild sweetness and a rich bold coffee aroma, creating a multi-sensory experience. Only the delicious original flavour of Coca-Cola, now with a blend of Coffee, will give you a refreshing upliftment you need to stay on top of your day!”

A sparkling fusion of mild sweetness and a rich bold coffee aroma with subtle caramel notes, Coca-Cola Plus Coffee contains coffee powder made from real Brazilian coffee beans.

Already released in Australia, Japan, Italy and Vietnam, drinkers from these markets have shown their delight in the new infusion, saying the cola and coffee hybrid has a great coffee aftertaste with the fizz. 

By the end of 2019, Coca-Cola Plus Coffee will be available in 25 countries around the world and will retail for a recommended price of R10 at leading supermarkets countrywide in SA.

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