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Bolt launches its food delivery service in SA

Bolt, the well known e-hailing cab company announced that its food delivery service, Bolt Food will officially launch today. 

The app will be an Uber Eats and Mr D Food rival and will deliver essential goods including “groceries, pet food, health supplements and off-the-shelf medications” to users currently under lockdown.

It’ll first debut in Cape Town, but will roll out to other areas across South Africa in the “coming days”.

In addition to the food launch, the ride-hailing side of the service has also added two new ride categories such as a tuk-tuk and Bolt Van. 

Users in Sandton and Rosebank can now select a tuk-tuk as a mode of transport. The service is a partnership with Shesha Tuks, and will offer users fares up to 20% lower than a traditional car.

Finally, Bolt Van will launch in Gauteng with “additional city roll-outs to follow”.

“Bolt Van offers up to three passengers the opportunity to ride together in a seven (or more) seater vehicle, in line with Government’s regulations on physical distancing when using ride-hailing services,” Bolt said in a statement.

Users can download the Bolt Food app here.

Written by: Gabriella steyn.

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