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Another food delivery service called Africanize launches in Cape Town

A new food delivery app called Africanize has launched in Cape Town which is a web app that allows customers to order meals from local small-scale restaurants.

What makes this new service different from others is that it focuses on small-scale food entrepreneurs and gourmet chefs.

“Africanize isn’t just another food delivery app. Born out of the need to include small scale food entrepreneurs in the booming market of food delivery, Africanize is about empowerment,” the company said in a press release.

“By offering delivery support and a marketing platform for small food entrepreneurs, we are levelling the playing ground with the big restaurant chains and big app delivery companies.”

Currently, to enable city-wide deliveries, the app charges a markup on food items. Meanwhile, service charges will only roll out in 2021.

“Africanize welcomes all kinds of entrepreneurs from township takeaway joints, professional chefs wanting to expand their client base, Instagram Foodies and small scale restaurants,” the company says.

Customers can order food on the Africanize website.

Currently, customers can order from resturants such as Cooking With Hlali, Nozi Tshisanyama, and M&N Kitchen.

The company notes that as more restaurants and entrepreneurs join the platform, more variety will be available.

The website already has local cuisine categories set out, including Braai, Cape Malay, Halaal, West African, Indian, and more.

Entrepreneurs and small scale restaurants can also register to join the platform using the Register Kitchen form.


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