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Samsung unveils a new foldable flip device, see what's new

Samsung unveiled a new foldable flip design that folds in from top to bottom, rather than the sides at the company’s developer conference.

Samsung didn't share much about the device, it didn’t say what the name would be, nor when the company plans to make this available. There was no mention of the hardware involved, and whether Samsung has improved its foldable display technology from last year.

“This brand-new form factor that we’re now exploring will not only easily fit in your pocket, but it also changes the way you use your phone,” explained Hyesoon Jeong, head of Samsung’s framework R&D group, onstage at Samsung’s Developer Conference.

Bloomberg News reported earlier this year that Samsung was planning such a design for a new foldable phone to be formally announced early next year.

The handset is expected to have a 6.7-inch inner screen with a thinner frame at a cheaper price than the $1,980 Galaxy Fold. Samsung is also working with US design firm Thom Browne to push its luxury appeal.



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