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Makro is ready with big plans in the bag for this upcoming Black Friday

Makro announced that it is all set and made all the necessary preparations for South Africa’s biggest shopping day months in advance.

In an interview with BusinessTech, Makro said that it has been planning for Black Friday for the past 6 months. Our buyers work on getting deals very early in the year.

Makro said that customers shop across our range, from wine to fridges. Some of our most popular products are gaming consoles, washing machines, TVs, laptops & beer.

It added that Black Friday provides an opportunity to focus on certain new technologies and features that will help deal with the influx of shoppers.

In 2018 this included an ‘online drive-thru service’ at the Makro Riversands store, with Makro focusing on checkout process in 2019.

Written by: Staff Writer.

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