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Faithful to Nature opens store in the V&A Waterfront

Health and wellness company Faithful to Nature announced that it has opened the doors to its first flagship store at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

The new store offers visitors the opportunity to shop the green retailer's broad range of eco-friendly and ethical products across food, health, home, body, beauty and more.

“There’s always something new being baked at Faithful to Nature, and our latest development of our first flagship store opening at the Waterfront on April 1 leaves me particularly excited as it really is the start of a new era," said Robyn Smith, Faith to Nature founder in a blogpost. 

"Our products have all been crafted with such care and this offers our customers the opportunity to get up close and personal with so much of what makes Faithful to Nature special. I have no doubt that our core values will emanate through all the touchpoints of our store in the same way, they do with our deliveries.” 

Faithful to Nature launched in 2006 as a purely online retailer focused on promoting healthy living and giving consumers a transparent ingredient list for all their products, a big step for the growing local sustainability sector.

“Since we opened our doors on 1 April we have observed a solid amount of traffic and have been impressed with both the excitement and the feedback the store has generated,” said Faithful to Nature chief marketing officer Simon Bowes in a statement. 

“This milestone will allow us to grow, deliver on our mission and most importantly help scale the SMEs with whom we partner through increased distribution. We are focused on increasing our brand’s ability to create memorable experiences and a physical presence allows us to connect with our customers like never before,” said Bowes.

The retailer says it is already implementing various ways to tackle the green economy – vetting each ingredient in every product offered, advocating for plastic-free products, having a 100% biodegradable label and a 99% waste-free warehouse. It is also planning to roll out carbon-neutral deliveries for all customer orders.

“We have gone with a clean, natural and relaxed feel for our stores that embodies our products and thinking about sustainability in everything we do,” adds Bowes.

The store will be open from 9am – 9pm daily at the V&A Waterfront in shop 6102, across from Carrol Boyes, Yuppie Chef, Vida e Caffè, and Cotton On.


Written by: Gabriella Steyn. 

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