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Defy unveils loadshedding-friendly appliances

Leading manufacturer of home appliances in South Africa Defy announced that it has launched a new range of solar hybrid refrigeration and freezer products to help customers save on electricity costs and reduce the impacts of load shedding.

Dey noted that these products were made in mind to address challenges such as loadshedding, the cost of electricity, and the need for more sustainable power solutions.

The product range includes a fridge and a chest freezer, both of which use solar and grid power.

The way these products work is that it is able to switch between solar power and the electricity grid automatically and they don’t require an inverter or battery to work. 

“Designed with Africa in mind, the product range is a game-changer by lowering energy costs by up to 44%, and by keeping food frozen for up to 49 hours with endure-chill technology when there is no power,” Defy said in a statement.

The appliances run off of solar power during the day and revert back to the grid at night.

Their ability to keep food frozen for up to two days after a power outage also helps prevent food spoilage.

“We decided to do something about it and developed our Designed for Africa Solar Hybrid range that makes use of Africa’s most abundant resource – sunshine,” Evren Albas, CEO of Defy Appliances, said at the product launch.

The price of the appliances include the cost of the solar panel. When you purchase the fridge or freezer, a Defy partner will install the panel for a flat rate.

The Solar Hybrid product range will retail for below R6000, with two products currently available. The company did not reveal the actual price as yet.

According to the company, the range will be available in 78 stores in South Africa at the end of February. 

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Written by: Gabriella Steyn.

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