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Proudly SA will have Black friday deals on their shopping site, RSAMade

Proudly SA, a campaign that was launched to encourage South Africans to buy local, created an online shopping platform, www.rsamade.co.za that will be offering 20% off goods this Black Friday.

The company also noted that this is being matched by the vendors on the site who are adding their own discounts, taking some items to 60% lower than regular prices.

RSAMade is an e-commerce web site that gives South African products the opportunity to be placed in the hands of local and global consumers. 

"Even though Black Friday has been imported from the USA, it doesn’t mean we have to buy imported goods.  And if you can’t find what you are looking for with the Proudly SA logo, check labels of origin and choose a Made in South Africa deal, " Proudly SA said in a statement. 
Written by: Staff Writer.
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