5 Reasons Why the HONOR 200 Lite 5G Should Be Your Next Smartphone Upgrade

With the HONOR 200 Lite 5G just days away from being available in South African stores, there has never been a better time to consider a smartphone upgrade than now. HONOR’s latest smartphone offers some truly intelligent features that are designed to make your smartphone experience more immersive, especially for budget-conscious technology enthusiasts.

From stunning photography capabilities, AI features, display and durable design, the HONOR 200 Lite 5G ticks all the right boxes when it comes to a stellar smartphone upgrade.


Here are 5 reasons why you should consider it:

Durable Yet Beautiful Design to Always Stand Out

No matter how careful we are, accidents can happen with our devices at any time. Thankfully, the HONOR 200 Lite 5G is built to withstand everyday wear and tear as well as more serious accidental drops. Certified by SGS with 5-star Drop Resistance for Overall Unit, the HONOR 200 Lite 5G can survive an accidental drop, thanks to its durable construction and enforced materials.

The HONOR 200 Lite 5G is not just durable, but stylish as well. Measuring just 6.78mm thick and weighing only 166g, it’s a smartphone that defies engineering limitations while still turning heads with its sleek and elegant looks. With two exciting colourways to choose from in South Africa, including Starry Blue and Midnight Black, you’ll have no trouble matching the smartphone to your unique style.

A Breathtaking Display to Bring Your World to Life

The display on the HONOR 200 Lite 5G is a marvel to experience and presents an unmatched viewing experience. The 6.7” AMOLED Sunlight Display with 2000nits Peak Brightness & ultra-slim bezels is easy to view, even in strong outdoor light. From watching media to reading text, the HONOR 200 Lite 5G excels with any content, and produces vivid colours to make any content come alive in your hands.

If you spend a considerable amount of time on your smartphone during the day or enjoy browsing social media before you go to sleep, the HONOR 200 Lite 5G features 3240Hz risk-free PWM Dimming to reduce eye strain when the phone brightness is set to low. The Circadian Night Display also helps to regulate blue light to gently transition the screen’s colour temperature, resulting in a better night’s sleep.

Smartphone Photography Like You’ve Never Experienced Before

Taking photos and sharing them with your friends and family is one of the most common tasks we do with our smartphones, and it’s important to capture just the right moment without having to make complicated adjustments to camera settings. Thankfully, the HONOR 200 Lite 5G makes taking professional-level photos a breeze.

Comprised of a 108MP Main Camera, a Wide & Depth Camera, and a Macro Camera, as well as a 50MP Front Camera for those glorious selfies, photos come to life in all scenes and under any lighting conditions. 

The HONOR 200 Lite 5G is custom-built for portrait photography, offering three distinct portrait modes: Environmental Portrait, Atmospheric Portrait and Close-up Portrait, providing users with the flexibility to effortlessly shoot with various focal lengths.

Outstanding AI Capabilities to Supercharge Your Daily Needs

The revolutionary MagicOS 8.0 based on Android 14 brings a new level of immersion and interaction to the HONOR 200 Lite 5G, bringing flagship experiences to this powerful mid-range smartphone.

The AI-empowered Magic Portal feature intelligently interprets the context of what’s on your screen, and can quickly help you get directions, share items to social media, or take notes. For example, if you’re chatting with a friend who wants to meet for coffee nearby, you can simply hold down that message and drag it to the Maps on the right side of your screen.

Generous Storage for All Your Memories

To top it off the HONOR 200 Lite 5G comes with (8GB+8GB) RAM and 256GB of storage space, allowing you to make as many memories as you want without the fear of running out of space. You can also enjoy incredible performance thanks to HONOR RAM Turbo technology, so that your apps and games neve feel sluggish.

Price and Availability

The stunning HONOR 200 Lite 5G will be available in South African networks and retailers from the 1 July 2024 and can be purchased for the exciting price of R9,999.

All purchases will also come with free gifts to the value of R2,499, including an HONOR SuperCharger plus cable and screen protector in the box, free postal repair pickup and delivery service, 3-year battery health protection and a180-day screen accident warranty excluding labour fees.

Supplied by: HONOR.

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