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Philip Morris opens first IQOS flagship in Johannesburg

Philip Morris announced that it has opened an IQOS standalone store in South Africa.

Located in Sandton City Shopping Centre, the store is a 160sqm aimed to introduce more cigarette smokers to the company's smoke-free tobacco products and educate them.

Philip Morris said in a statement: "The IQOS innovation is based on the premise that the vast majority of harmful chemicals associated with cigarette smoking is produced when tobacco is burnt. An IQOS, therefore, uses an electric heat source to heat the tobacco at controlled temperatures below combustion levels, emitting “95% lower levels of harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes."

This device is used with specific tobacco sticks called Heets, which are available in multiple ‘flavours’.

This means that IQOS is able to satisfy cigarette smokers with the taste of real tobacco, which is where devices like ‘vapes’ – which rely on a flavoured nicotine liquid – fall short. IQOS doesn’t produce a cigarette smoke smell, second-hand smoke or ash.

Its latest IQOS 3 device is a two-part heated tobacco system that works hand-in-hand to deliver the best in tobacco satisfaction.

A newly designed pocket charger fits perfectly in your hand to keep you recharged for 20 single tobacco moments. 
This is paired with the smallest holder we've ever designed and comes equipped with our new ProtectPlus™ System for lasting protection and reliability.

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