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Uber updates its emergency safety button feature, Here's what's new

Uber announced that it has made new enhancements to the emergency button found inside on its app.

In addition to providing health safety reminders on each ride, The company is introducing innovative safety features with everyone's safety in mind.

Now when you call emergency services from the Uber app, your location and vehicle details will be automatically shared with an emergency service dispatcher - so they can get information faster and get you the help you need.

How to call emergency services in the app while on a trip:

  1. Tap the shield icon on your map
  2. Tap Emergency Assistance
  3. Tap Call Security

Emergency numbers should only be used for serious active incidents while on a trip. Please contact Uber Support to report any issues after a trip.

After your call with the emergency services, Uber’s customer support team will check-in to see if you’re all right.

The company has also worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) to share tips on how you can help maintain the health and safety of your community.

Here are these tips:

  • Wash or sanitize your hands before and after you ride.
  • Sit in the back and open the window.
  • Wear a face cover or mask.
  • Handle your own personal belongings.


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