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Uber Eats is now available in East London

Uber Eats has announced that it has launched in East London.

“We are so delighted to be launching in East London to provide small businesses with an extra platform that they can use to spread the word about their restaurant, bring in new customers as well as make it easier for their regulars to return,” said Uber Eats general manager Ailyssa Pretorius in a statement.

Uber Eats said the restaurant industry has been hit hardest by the COVID-19 virus, and it hopes it will be able to help its new partners navigate these difficulties.

Restaurants that have partnered with Uber Eats in East London are:

  • McDonald’s
  • Rocomama’s
  • Milky Lane
  • Sanook
  • Angela’s Coffee Shop
  • Earth Forrest

As part of the launch, from Monday 22 June until Sunday 28 June, East London residents will be offered a buy one get one free campaign from a select group of restaurants.

New users can also use the code HELLOEL to receive R75 off their first two orders that are of a minimum cost of R100.

Uber Eats noted that safety remains one of its top priorities and that it will comply with the regulations set for the level of lockdown that is currently active. 

Here is a list of the guidelines to consider when ordering on Uber Eats:

  • The Uber Eats app offers contactless delivery to minimize physical contact.
  • All couriers are required to follow an in-app safety checklist, which will require them to confirm that they are regularly sanitising their vehicle and delivery bags.
  • Couriers will be asked to take a selfie before going online to verify they are wearing a mask or face covering using new object recognition technology.
  • Face Mask Check for drivers. The company added new Face Mask Check technology to help confirm that drivers are wearing a face cover or a mask before they can start driving.
  • Ride safety feedback. Asking you to rate your experience isn’t new, but you’ll now be able to leave feedback on health and cleanliness issues, such as a driver not wearing a face cover or a mask.


Written by: Gabriella Steyn.

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