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Takealot accused of increasing prices of its surgical masks

Since the coronavirus hit SA shores, mass hysteria has spread and customers are now panic buying products and retailers are being accused of taking advantage of this

One of SA's most popular online stores Takealot was accused on social media for inflated cost of surgical masks advertised on its platform.

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Blogger Brent Lindeque, the founder of Mzansi's leading good new site Good Things Guy, posted an image on Twitter showing 50 surgical masks for the price of R2,500.

Takealot has since responded to the tweet and admitted that the price hike was wrong.

The company has since noted that it has "removed the product from the store and that will be engaging with this seller directly on what they have done.

Takealot is not the only platform in hot water for inflating their prices. Other online retailers such as E-Bay and Amazon have also been accused of increased prices.

Recently, Pick n Pay also came under fire and was accused by a customer for increasing the price of its hand sanitizer.  

John Bradshaw, Head of Marketing at Pick n Pay said that this statement made by the customer is not true.

He says the retailer is working hard to ensure that its suppliers have enough stock for all its concerned customers.

"Pick n Pay does not believe that raising prices is the right approach. We have not raised our prices on any of the hand sanitizer or any of the cleaning and hygiene items. If we have scarcity, we might limit the amount per customer," Bradshaw told CapeTalk in an interview.

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