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Samsung launches high-Performance jet cordless stick vacuum cleaner in SA

Samsung has introduced a new line-up of the Samsung Jet cordless stick vacuum cleaners, along with a compatible Clean Station that can deliver the ultimate end-to-end cleaning solution for the home.

The new Samsung Jet has great usability and can generate up to 200W (150W for Samsung Jet 70) of industry-leading suction power.

Our strong commitment to delivering vacuum cleaners that offer a differentiated cleaning experience to consumers is perfectly represented in the Samsung Jet series.

Despite the Samsung Jet’s remarkably powerful suction capabilities, its body has been designed to be lightweight, allowing our customers to enjoy the Jet’s easy-to-use features more comfortably.

Powerful Cleaning Solution

The Samsung Jet’s industry-leading capabilities are made possible by its Digital Inverter Motor and the Jet

Cyclone system. The Digital Inverter Motor incorporates an ultrasonic welded cover and diffuser that optimise airflow. It allows Samsung Jet to maintain a high level of energy efficiency needed to generate a significant level of suction power.

Meanwhile, the Jet Cyclone system features nine separate cyclones, each with three-way multi-air inlets to minimise loss of suction power while securely trapping fine dust particles that are sucked into the vacuum cleaner.

Users can also enjoy longer cleaning times with the Samsung Jet’s high-capacity battery. The long-lasting battery addresses consumer needs for a reliable vacuum cleaner that can maintain suction for up to one hour.

Since the battery can easily be removed and replaced with a spare, users can clean for up to two hours in one session if needed. The Samsung Jet also comes equipped with a diverse array of highly efficient motorised brushes that provide various cleaning solutions to match different consumer lifestyles, cleaning habits, and floor types.

Hygienic Features for Healthy Habits

Samsung Jet’s best-in-class five-layered HEPA Filtration System reflects Samsung’s commitment to ensure the safety and health of its users.

Verified and certified by the British Allergy Foundation (BAF), the high-performance filter captures 99.999-percent of dust particles and allergens that would normally escape back into the air through the vacuum exhaust, providing a cleaner indoor environment.

The Samsung Jet’s Washable Dustbin and One Click Detachable Brush Drum are also key features of hygienic and convenient maintenance as they can be fully washed without hassle.

The dustbin can be removed effortlessly, so users can simply tip out the dust and wash all the separate parts for a thorough clean. The internal rotating drum located on the head of the vacuum cleaner is also detachable with just a click, which means it can be washed separately as well.

Clean and Convenient Disposal Solution

The newly unveiled Clean Station™ is an innovative dust disposal solution that automatically empties out the Samsung Jet’s dustbin to provide users with a simpler way to manage their Samsung Jet.

The Clean Station™ incorporates a highly advanced dust filtration system that directly solves the issue of having dust fly everywhere while disposing collected dust from the vacuum canister.

Users simply need to place the dustbin on top of the Clean Station™ to automatically empty out its contents.

The Clean Station™ also has an Anti-Dust Emitting Structure that has been verified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to prevent ultrafine dust from getting released back into the air while the dustbin is being emptied out. Its air-tight design prevents 400 times more emission than conventional dustbins.

It also has its own 5 Layered HEPA Filtration System that traps 99.999-percent of fine dust particles to ensure purer air in the room.

The Clean Station even features Air Pulse Technology, which pulsates the air in the dustbin to shake off trapped dust. The dust is then collected in a micro bag inside the machine, which can easily be replaced every two to three months.

Effortless and Convenient Design

The Samsung Jet™ incorporates various features and design aspects that make the cleaning process more convenient.

For example, the integrated digital display shows the machine’s status, such as power level and brush type. It also alerts users if there are brush bar problems or blockages. This helps users maintain their vacuum cleaner in optimal conditions.

The Samsung Jet’s 2-in-1 Charging Station can be adjusted to suit any home lifestyle by allowing users to store and charge their vacuum cleaner more conveniently.

The charging station can now be wall-mounted, so users who need to save space can take advantage of this option. It can also just be used as a stand-alone charger for more flexible storage.

The Samsung Jet’s lightweight design ensures maximum usability and reduces strain on users’ wrists. Its powerful cleaning solutions all come in a lightweight body with a hand-held weight of  just 1.66 kilograms for the Jet 75, only 1.48kg4 for Jet 70 and 2.8kg for the Jet 90.


The Jet 70, Jet 75 and Jet 90 has been released in South Africa. The recommended5 retail prices are:

  • Jet 90 – R15 999
  • Jet 75 – R12 999
  • Jet 70 – R9 999
  • Clean Station – R2 999

To celebrate the launch of the new Jet Vacuum those who purchase it can receive6:

  • 3 x 750ml Handy Andy Floor And All Purpose Cleaner – one of each variant (with Jet 90)
  • 1 x 750ml Handy Andy cream (with Jet 75)
  • 1 x 750ml Domestos bleach (with Jet 70)


Supplied by: Samsung.

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