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Samsung designs new AR smart glasses - report

Samsung is reportedly busy designing its own brand of augmented reality smart glasses.

This is according to a report by Patently Mobile, which stated that the company filed a recent patent that features designs for the company’s first AR smart glasses.

According to the publication, the device may feature an ARM processor, camera, biometric sensors with a foldable design that has “optical reflection member”.

The report also stated that the device could come with a range of sensors such as a gesture sensor, a gyro sensor, an atmospheric pressure sensor, a magnetic sensor, an acceleration sensor, a grip sensor, a proximity sensor, a colour sensor, an Infrared (IR) sensor, a biometric sensor, a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, or an illuminance sensor.

Here is an image of what the device could look like by Patently Mobile:

3 X AR Glasses  Samsung patent figs 1a and 1b

Written by: Gabriella Steyn.

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