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Red Bull to relaunch its Coconut Edition energy drink for the Summer

Red Bull  announced that it will be bringing back the Red Bull Coconut Edition energy drink for the summer.

The Coconut Edition was first introduced in 2018 as a limited-edition summer release and now returns as a permanent placement on store shelves.

Offering the same functional benefits of Red Bull Energy Drink, Red Bull Coconut Edition provides wings needed for that last-minute study session, a long drive to that well-deserved holiday, and the summer season ahead. It’s no coincidence that evenings to remember usually start with a cold can of Red Bull.

It has an initial coconut taste profile, which then blooms into a fruity açai and blueberry finish that’s fresh and tropical. Packed full of flavour, it will begin hitting shelves just in time for the warmer summer days ahead.

Red Bull Coconut Edition is available in 250ml cans and available for purchase at various locations across the country. 


Supplied by: Red Bull.

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