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NFR unveils new CalMag Fizzy with added Vitamin D

The Neutraceutical Research Foundation (NFR)  announced that it has launched a new product called CalMag Fizzy with added Vitamin D. 

The lime flavoured, effervescent tablet that is easily absorbed by the body and one tablet daily, dissolved in a glass of water, allows for fast and gentle absorption and is suitable for the most sensitive digestive system.

Calcium is vital in building and maintaining strong, healthy bones, nails and teeth but if taken on its own, it may be insufficient because the body often has difficulty absorbing it.

NRF CalMag Fizzy contains Vitamin D which helps with the absorption of calcium and the addition of Magnesium, helps with improving bone mass and assists in maintaining bone density.

Calcium assists in treating health problems such as headaches, migraines, depression, stress, anxiety, sore muscles, muscle spasms, heat exhaustion, IBS, arthritis, osteoporosis and helps strengthen bones, teeth, and nails. A Magnesium deficiency can cause stress, anxiety, fatigue and muscle cramps and it is an important mineral to be taken by active people.

Remember, it isn’t how much calcium one takes, but how it is taken.

NRF CalMag Fizzy is ideal for people on the go or who may have a compromised immune system and it is safe for diabetics and pregnancy.

Available from most leading wholesalers.

New CalMag Fizzy with added Vitamin D.


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