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A new online fashion store StyleMode launches in SA.

E-commerce platform Loot.co.za, one of South Africas major online stores announced that it has established a new fashion website called StyleMode.

Launched on the 13th of October, StyleMode features a range of products such as men and women’s clothing, footwear, and accessories.

StyleMode will stock brands such as Brave Soul, Jada, Miss Black, and Via Beach, among others.

It will also feature its own private label collection called StyleMode. This label includes Miss Mode, La Mode, and ModeCurve.

“Choosing to launch StyleMode now is not only about creating a commercial advantage for the upcoming summer season, but a commitment to the brands and suppliers we have formed relationships with over the months of developing the business and building the platform, and who deserve the support, in what is still, a challenging economic environment,” said Greg Le Roux, CEO of Loot.co.za in a statement. 

"Not only is StyleMode a positive for consumers, offering them more choice to fit their fashion tastes, but it is also a booster for the economy as a whole in South Africa. Choosing to launch at the tail-end of what has been an economically devastating year – globally – for business and consumers, is strategic.

"We have every confidence in the growth of e-commerce in this country as well as StyleMode becoming an established platform that contributes to the development and sustainability of a vibrant local fashion manufacturing sector once again.”

The new site will rely on the infrastructure and payment options of Loot.co.za. This includes direct deposits for those without credit cards or online activated debit cards.

The label’s clothing will be manufactured in Cape Town by mostly women-owned businesses but it will use Loot’s warehousing and logistics to deliver products to its customers.

There are also plans to expand the platform’s stock and collection in the first quarter of 2021.

But for this year, customers can look forward to a Black Friday promotion on the site, according to the company.

Shereen Conrad, head of fashion at StyleMode.co.za, said in a statement: “It’s been a challenging year for many, so we are looking forward to injecting colour, energy and some positivity into people’s lives with this collection, which will help them take advantage of the upcoming sunshine and summer season.

“Not only will we present a selection of current items, but the site has been designed to optimise user experience – it is simple to navigate, responsive and offers a variety of payment options to suit most pockets, including a direct debit option.”

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