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Nespresso unveils new Barista Creations

Nespresso recently unveiled its new Barista Creations range has been created for those coffee drinkers who enjoy milk with their coffee.

The company said in a statement: "Introducing Barista Creations – our new range of coffees specially designed to go with milk. Inspired by the expertise of the world’s finest baristas, our ambition was to make it easy for you to create perfectly crafted coffee and milk recipes in the comfort of your home. It all starts with getting the coffee blend just right… We hope you enjoy bringing your new creations to life."

"Create barista-style tastes and textures yourself, in the comfort of your home, with our range of machines and milk devices. Whether you prefer a Cappuccino, a Latte Macchiato, a Café Latte or a Flat White, a world of perfectly crafted milk recipes is yours to enjoy, whenever you please," said Nespresso. 

According to the company, The product is the result of 6 years of research by Nespresso's development team, who experimented with 18 coffee origins from around the world, focusing on the techniques of roasting and grinding, to perfect a milky coffee at home with the Nespresso milk machines.

The Barista Creations range has been designed to match every taste, whether you enjoy your coffee with full-fat dairy milk or prefer to use dairy-free options like oat and almond milk.

Here is a list of all the recipes:

  • Chiaro (meaning “light” in Italian): Inspired by Brooklyn baristas, Chiaro is for smooth and sweet coffee and milk recipes. With an ultra-light roast it has sweet caramel and biscuit notes when milk is added. Best for a sweet cappuccino.

  •  Scuro (meaning “dark” in Italian): Inspired by baristas in Melbourne, Scuro is for the perfect balance between milk and roasted coffee notes. Its profile is intense, roasted and well-balanced when milk is added. Best for an intense cappuccino.

  •  Corto (meaning “short” in Italian): Inspired by Spanish baristas, Corto has a powerful taste and a syrupy texture for recipes with a little touch of milk. The blend is very dark, spicy, intensely roasted and smoky when drunk with milk. Ideal for a traditional Spanish cortado.

  • Bianco Leggero (Meaning Light White): Inspired by the baristas of Brooklyn, who love the natural sweetness of coffee and try to preserve it. To achieve this, we chose Arabicas from Indonesia and Kenya and applied a uniquely light roast, to create a long cup with smooth, decadent notes of caramel and sweet biscuit when combined with milk.

  • Bianco Forte ( Meaning Strong White): The ambition behind Bianco Forte was to emulate the robust, yet perfectly balanced recipes of Melbourne baristas in a large cup. To achieve this, we carefully selected Arabicas from Colombia and Kenya and gave them a contrasting split roast. The result? Rich, roasted and cereal notes that push through the sweetness of the milk you add.



Written by: Gabriella Steyn.

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