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Help is now even closer at hand in the fight against Covid-19

Emergency services are being flooded with calls from people with questions about the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic which is sweeping the country, and the world.

Many of these calls relate to requests for transport to testing centres, or for the contact details of their nearest hospital handling the crisis.

While undoubtedly important, these calls block call centres’ lines and divert valuable resources which could be deployed where they are needed most.

Both to help alleviate this bottleneck and to help stem the flood of fake news and misinformation in circulation,  911 Response24 has added a medical support button to the premium service on the app and importantly, has launched a free version of the app - with the same new functionality –which is available to all South Africans.

“We desperately want to help our country through this crisis. Every life matters and we hope to make a lifesaving difference to every person in SA,” says Marlize Holtzhausen, founder and CEO of 911 Response24.

The new “Medical Support SA” button links you directly to the National Operations Centre where trained agents will assess your requirements and direct you to the nearest testing facility or hospital, provide vital information on the virus or if you require urgent medical assistance,will put you directly through to ER24.

An important feature in this time of lockdown, quarantine and self-isolation is the “Friends & Family” button which allowsyoutoadd information from your cell phone’s address book. In the case of an emergency alert, they will be notified and can keep track of your progress.

This innovative and award-winning app is partnered with local industry giants, including Bidvest Protea Coin, ER24, and Caxton for added peace of mind.

The app is available for download from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store.

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