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Coronavirus: No more online deliveries available allowed from UberEats or Mr D during lockdown

On Monday evening, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a lockdown as a measure to help fight the Covid-19 infection rate in the country that will begin on midnight, Thursday the 26th of March. 

In his speech, he noted that only essential services, supermarkets, hospitals, banks, tuck shops and pharmacies will be open during this time. 

This has since given South African's the impression that they would still be able to order food online from their favourite restaurants or from Ubereats or Mr D.
However,  On Tuesday, Tourism minister Mmamoloko Kuyabi-Ngubane made it clear that all forms of restaurants were included in the 21-day total lockdown.

In a statement released to the Restaurant Association of South Africa, the Minister of Tourism, Mmmamoloko Kuyabi-Ngubane confirmed that no restaurant will be operational during the lockdown.

“In compliance with the nation-wide lockdown it should be noted that all restaurants, cafes, bars, coffee shops will be required to comply with the nation-wide lockdown for 21 days,” the statement states.

“Such service providers have not been included on the list of what has been deemed essential services during the lockdown and will not be permitted to operate and will thus need to be closed for the duration.

“ In addition, in compliance with the nation-wide lockdown all food delivery services will also need to be suspended for 21 days with effect from midnight Thursday, 26 March 2020 until midnight Thursday, 16 April 2020. “

This includes all food delivery services like Mr Delivery and UberEats. 

Wendy Alberts, the chief of the Restaurant Association of South Africa's (RASA)  shared a message on multiple social media pages and WhatsApp groups, to convey to all restaurants that there will be no exceptions to the lockdown. 

"This includes all deliveries, take-aways or home deliveries. There is no exception to any alternative circumstances or any loopholes whatsoever and there will be NO exceptions made for any type of foodservice continue to trade,"  She said in her social media posts.


Written by: Staff Writer.

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