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MultiChoice launches ShowMax Pro with live sport

MultiChoice announced that it has launched a new and updated version of its streaming offering, now called Showmax Pro.

This new offering features the current Showmax entertainment service with music channels, news, and live sport streaming from SuperSport.

Showmax Pro includes all Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, and PSL games as well as a wide range of live sport events including IAAF Athletics, professional boxing, and the world’s biggest marathons.

At launch, this new service will only be available in Kenya and Nigeria but will come to South Africa in the next six to eight weeks.

According to MultiChoice, there is no specific date for the South African launch of Showmax Pro, and the company said that sports content and pricing may vary by country.

MultiChoice Connected Video CEO Niclas Ekdahl said that the streaming service’s local content offering is a major advantage.

“Showmax is an African video-on-demand service with many years’ experience operating on this continent,” Ekdahl said.

“Our local-first strategy is an advantage because it allows us to tailor our content, apps, packages, and partnerships specifically to what’s most important in Africa.”

The company began testing its sports live-streaming features in June 2019, and this new Showmax Pro service is based on the results of this process.

Showmax also offers a mobile-only streaming plan, on which Showmax Pro will also be available at half the price of the standard offering.

“In November last year, Showmax launched a mobile-only service for smartphones and tablets featuring all of the Showmax content but at half the cost of the standard Showmax service and consuming less data,” the company said.

“This service has also proven popular, so in addition to the standard version of Showmax Pro there will also be a mobile-only version at half the price.”

Here is the pricing for the new ShowMax Pro service:

Showmax Pro
Kenya  Showmax Pro price: KSh 2,100   Showmax Pro Mobile price: KSh 1,050 
Nigeria  Showmax Pro price: NGN 6,300   Showmax Pro Mobile: NGN 3,200 


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