Game launches affordable range of sanitary pads

Research shows that seven million menstruators are unable to attend school, university or work every month in South Africa due to period poverty.

To improve financial accessibility to good quality sanitary pads, local retailer, Game Stores, has launched Great Value Sanitary Pads, which will retail at R7.99 for a pack of 8.

This initiative is aligned to impactfully respond to consumer price concerns and is consistent with a recent announcement by Massmart (the holding company of Game and Makro) to provide affordable, good quality private brand options for affordable maize meal, available at Jumbo, Cash & Carry and Makro stores as well as nappies, which are available at Makro and Game stores.

In addition to the individual Great Value Sanitary Pad packs, Game is offering a bulk pack option containing 12 packs of 8 pads at only R60. This bulk offer reduces the cost to a remarkable R5 per pack, making it incredibly affordable for consumers to access a year's supply.

“One in four learners miss school each month due to a lack of access to sanitary pads. Many learners resort to improvised solutions such as the use of old towels, cardboard, newspaper and socks,” says Samantha Pillay, Buyer at Game. “We therefore decided to act to tackle this problem and our Great Value Sanitary Pad line was born.”

Despite the affordability, Game has prioritised quality in their sanitary pads. Collaborating with local manufacturers, Game ensures optimal absorbance and comfort for users, offering two lines: Regular and Super.

Supplied by: Game.

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