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Food Lover's bans plastic packaging at stores nationwide

Fresh produce retailer Food Lover's Market announced that it has banned plastic bags in all national corporate stores as of 1 December 2019, and will only be offering paper bags, boxes and Food Lover's Market canvas bags going forward.

Sustainability manager for the group, Siglinda Lösch said in a statement: “As a retailer firmly committed to living our values and embracing our responsibility to the environment and climate change, it was a no-brainer to implement a ban on plastic bags in our corporate stores nationally. The response from consumers has been overwhelmingly positive as the paper bag itself is very strong and can be used seven times on average, carrying the weight of about 10kg.” 

Food Lover’s Market is also introducing reduced plastics on some festive bakery range items such as replacing plastic domes or bases with a board box or cakes will be wrapped in cellophane to keep it fresh.

Shoppers have also been invited to give the retailer feedback on their experience with the new reduced plastic offering. 

Written by: Staff Writer.

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