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Pioneer Foods to discontinue Redro and Peck’s Anchovette fish paste products

Pioneer Foods announced that South Africa's two well-known favourite fish paste favourites Pecks Anchovette and Redro will be discontinued and won’t be restocked anytime soon. 

According to Business Insider, Pioneer Foods, the local distributor of Pecks and the manufacturer of the South African equivalent Redro has decided to no longer sell its line of fish paste.

The company noted that it stopped production, and discontinued the sale of related items in December 2021.

A Pioneer spokesperson confirmed that the company decided to stop producing fish paste products at the end of 2021 as part of an “ongoing portfolio review”, reports INC29.

It added that the products will remain available for purchase by consumers as long as the retailers have stock on hand but once that stock is gone, then it won't be restocked. 

Pecks Anchovette, originally from the United Kingdom arrived in South Africa in the 1960s and its local rival Redro was developed from a local family recipe in the 1930s.


Written by: Staff Writer.

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